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Let’s get acquainted

You have a thriving business or a business plan in Romania.

You are working in infrastructure projects, construction, real estate or energy projects.

And you know how important is to start on the right legal track for reaching your goals.

Or your business is facing complex situations demanding smart legal solutions.

Bottom line: you want reliable legal advice & solutions to advance with your projects.

You’re having some legal challenges with:

  • Dealing with legal issues causing difficulties in planning your business activity.
  • Identifying practical solutions to de-block your projects.
  • Keeping up with recurring legislative modifications.
  • Understanding business risks because of unclear legal information.
  • Dealing with significant delays from authorities and courts.
  • Planning your strategy because of information not adapted to your projects.

We know how to help

For dealing with these legal challenges, we can help.

Sirbu Law delivers legal guidance for achieving your business goals and results in:


Procurement & Infrastructure

Procurement & Infrastructure



Real estate & Construction

Real estate & Construction


Spanish Desk – Barcelona office

We have created our Spanish Desk precisely for Spanish clients doing business in Romania.

And line with our clients needs, we have opened a dedicated office in Barcelona, Spain.

With our extensive experience with Spanish companies in Romania and our understanding their needs, we pride in providing a specialized legal advice and all, directly in Spanish.

Languages proficiency

Besides Romanian, we assess documentation and advice our clients directly in English and Spanish.

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