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We understand the importance of the human resources for the growth of any business.

We help our clients in connection to all employment matters, including advice on employment contracts, working conditions, collective bargaining agreements, dispute resolution occupational health and safety.

We take into consideration the specificities of each project and the distinctiveness of each employee or group of employees, to serve tailored strategies and advice to our clients.

How can we help

We provide services related to a wide spectrum of employment relations, including the following:


  • Advice in connection to all type of employment contracts and regarding the applicable legal framework.
  • Advice regarding the most convenient strategy on the employment relations for each projects and company.
  • Drafting, revision and negotiation of employment contracts.
  • Advice in connection to suspension, termination, dismissal in connection to employment contracts.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to top management agreements.


  • Advice and assistance related to employment conditions, including salaries, working hours, holidays, trial periods, geographic mobility.
  • Advice and assistance in connection to work place risks.
  • Assistance related to regulatory matters.
  • Advice on the applicable legal framework related to each project and field of activity.
  • Advice and assistance regarding internal norms and regulations.


  • Advice and representation in connection to employment litigation.
  • Advice regarding the building of strategy in litigation matters.