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Corporate law represents the base of any business.

Developing a strong pillar in connection to corporate matters is of essence for the health of a business. And solid contracts stand at the foundation of all successful businesses.

We provide legal advice on all corporate & contracts aspects.

We employ our business law knowledge and our in-house expertise to deliver well-timed and customized results.

How can we help

Our legal services include, without being limited to the following:


  • Advice on general corporate law and day-to-day business activities.
  • Advice regarding all aspects concerning the functioning of companies and non-profit entities.
  • Advice and assistance in connection to meetings of statutory bodies.
  • Assistance regarding registration formalities in relation to the company activity.
  • Advice in connection to liability of directors and/or managers of the company.
  • Advice and assistance on agreements related to the corporate activity of the company.


  • Advice and assistance in connection to setting up companies, associations or foundations in Romania.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to all documentation required for the setting up of business in Romania, included regarding the constitutive deed.
  • Assistance in relation to all registration formalities for the setting up of business.


  • Advice and assistance in connection to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assistance regarding the strategy and structuring of the transaction.
  • Advice, drafting and revision in connection to letter of intents.
  • Assistance in connection to all due diligence matters.
  • Drafting of due diligence and legal notes.
  • Advice, drafting and negotiation in connection to transaction documents.
  • Legal assistance and advice post-closing.


  • Advice and representation in connection to corporate litigation.
  • Advice regarding the building of strategy in litigation matters.


  • Analysis of business related agreements.
  • Advice on legal matters of relevance in connection to the execution of agreements.
  • Drafting and revision of agreements tailored for the services and business at hand.
  • Assistance and negotiation in connection to the execution of agreements.
  • Advice and assistance during the implementation phase of an agreement.
  • Advice and assistance on matters regarding lack of compliance, suspension, termination, claims in connection to concluded agreements.